One More Sleep.

Just one more sleep before Madame Stroppypants goes off on her holidays with her Mopsy and Popsy.

Just one more sleep before I get four days off being Mummy and get to be just Nicky.

Just one more sleep before my baby goes away and I miss her like CRAZY after about an hour!

I am exhausted. These past few weeks have really taken their toll and I’m mentally and physically done in. This summer has been the toughest yet with Lilly. She has had a recent growth spurt and seems so much heavier now. Doing all the lifting day in day out over these holidays has been really hard work.

It’s not just the physical aspect of caring for Lilly that I’ve found tough but trying to keep her entertained has been beyond challenging. I timed it and unless she’s plonked in front on the TV, she will go no more that 47 seconds before demanding my attention. The temptation to leave her googly eyed at Mr Tumble all afternoon has been VERY strong and admit to the odd hour here and there to regain some sanity!

You name it, we’ve played it. She’s bored of me now though and ready for school to start again. Even I’m bored of me! This weekend will be lovely for her and if the weather is good then she’ll be at the beach every day.

Sand + Lilly = Happy

As for me, I will doing the following: –

1 Sleeping
2 Cleaning
3 Drinking wine
4 Eating
5 Sleeping
6 Drinking wine
7 Drinking more wine
8 Sleeping
9 Eating

And finally…


I’ll see you all on the other side….

N x



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