A Little Adventure

I’m counting down the minutes until I go and pick up our girl.

Lilly has been away on an adventure holiday with school. It’s the first time she’s ever been away without family and she has loved it. I packed a BlackBerry in her bag so I could call her each night, more for me I think than Lilly! I’m sure I detected a note of embarrassment from her when I phoned the first night…

She has been abseiling, rock climbing and canoeing to name but a few of the activities. She will have loved it all. She’s a total adrenalin junkie, which I just love. I’m so excited to hear all about it and see all the photos.

It has also given me and Matt some down time, which we badly needed. Simple things like blitzing the kitchen and not having to dash about like a woman possessed have seemed like a luxury. We had dinner out last night and didn’t need to worry about having a bit more to drink that we might normally, or what time we got back. It was good. But now it’s time for my baby to come home.

Off to the shops shortly to go and buy all her favourite goodies.


Nicky x


5 thoughts on “A Little Adventure

  1. I hope she had an amazing time on her trip. I used to love my adventure holiday things with my school. I couldn’t do everthing that the other kids did but Ijoined in as much as possible and still had fun.

    I hope she has some great stories to tell you when she gets home.

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