Wedding Time!

We are off to my brother’s wedding this weekend in Henley on Thames. We are travelling down there today which means a four hour (at least) car journey. Its fair to say that I had been having sleepless nights about the logistics of it all.

For those of you with children with special needs, I’m sure you will feeling the stress just thinking about it! All that equipment to get in the boot then the physical journey itself. Let me tell you something, I have found the answer….

She comes in the form of an angel that walks amongst us. Her name is Sarah. She was Lilly’s teaching assistant at nursery and also for the short time she was in mainstream. Sarah and I have stayed friends and the gorgeous lady that she is offered us her services for this weekend. I might add at this point that Sarah has four children of her own so for her to give up her time like this is nothing short of amazing.

On Saturday, the wedding blessing will take place in a lovely hotel on the banks of the River Thames, after which we will board a boat that then takes us along the river to the reception venue. It is a 90 minute river journey. How will she keep Lilly entertained for all that time and keep that grade 10 paddy at bay? I hear you cry. Never fear, an iPad and a Sarah is all you need! They should sell Sarahs in Mothercare. She is the answer to most Mummy’s prayers. She would be VERY expensive of course. We got ours for free although I feel a massive pressie coming on.

We feel truly blessed to have Sarah in our lives. I know a lot of people aren’t as lucky as us, so Sarah Wood, this post is dedicated to you and all your glorious gorgeousness. We love you dearly and are so grateful for everything that you do.

After Lilly was diagnosed, we lost a few friends. Some people couldn’t handle what we were going through and gradually dropped of the radar. It was upsetting at the time but meeting people like Sarah and my ‘special mummies’ makes up for that a hundred fold. You know who you are and your friendship means the world to me.

Anyway, its time to go now. I’ve roots to dye and nails to paint.

See you all soon!

N x